Vetivert Deodorant, 50ml

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Description: A timeless classic. Grounds you into the cool, musky depths of roots and fresh earth.

Directions: You simply take a bit of the frosty gel-like paste with your finger and smear it under your armpit – and you are good to go for 24 hours or so – or till your next bath or shower.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda (food grade), corn starch (non GMO), raw Cape beeswax, Vitamin E (natural source), essential oils of vetiver

Packaging: Glass jar with aluminium lid (can be returned to our store for reuse or easily recycled)

About the brand: Creator and yoga teacher Nadia Rosenthal started Natural Yogi after coming across studies linking the aluminium used in commercial deodorants to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. She went in search for an alternative and started a range of deodorants using only the most simple and natural ingredients – bicarbonate of soda and other natural oils, essential oils and waxes. Natural Yogi's beautiful range now also includes body balms and oils.

Brand from: Cape Town

Product made in: South Africa