Stainless Steel Lathering Bowl

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Description: A Stainless steel bowl that can be used to store your favourite shaving soap, or used to work up a lather to your liking. Most males use about 2-3 L per shave, using a bowl can reduce that to half a litre or even less! This bowl measures 146 mm wide and 70 mm high.

About the brand: Founder Jaco always had a fascination with classic shaving and loved the idea that he could save South Africans millions of rand and help the environment by changing their shaving habits - Bundubeard was born. Their number one priority is to become a manufacturer, supplier and re-seller that offers value for money, enabling South Africans to buy high quality items at a reasonable price.

Brand from: Pretoria

Product made in: Asia. RESTOCK are targeting 100% South African made products by 2021.