Insect Repellent, 100ml

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Directions: Spray liberally into the air or onto skin or surface to repel insects and soothe bites. Avoid broken skin.

Ingredients: Artemesia Afra essential oil (organic), Bay Leaves, Bergamot Powder, Buchu leaves, Camphor leaves, Cinnamon leaf essential oil (organic), Citronella essential oil (organic), Clove bud essential oil (organic), Clove buds (non-irradiated), Eucalyptus essential oil (organic), Eucalyptus leaves, Glycerin (vegetable-based, non-GM rapeseed), Kalahari rock salt, Lavender augustifolia essential oil (organic), Lemongrass essential oil (organic), Niouli essential oil (organic), Rooibos tea leaves, Rosemary leaves (organic), Table Mountain spring water, Tea tree essential oil (organic), White vinegar, Wormwood essential oil (Artemesia Afra)

Packaging: Glass bottle 

About the brand: Years ago, Anne van Huyssteen started making her own natural care and cleaning products after struggling to find natural alternatives without harsh chemicals on the market. Today, she and her partner Nikki make The Apothecary products by hand in small batches in Observatory, Cape Town. Ingredients are naturally-occurring, minimally processed and organic, and packaging is either biodegradable or reusable glass and metal. 

Brand from: Observatory, Cape Town

Product made in: South Africa