DE1 Safety Razor

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Description: Starter Safety Razor. Ideal for students and entrants to the classic shaving scene who want to a spend minimum cash, but still get a razor that will give them a good shave and service for life. This model is very popular all over the world and one of Bundubeard founder Jaco's personal favorites as it has the potential to turn masses of clever people back to classic shaving. Very affordable, great appearance and a comfortable shave. 

About the brand: Founder Jaco always had a fascination with classic shaving and loved the idea that he could save South Africans millions of rand and help the environment by changing their shaving habits - Bundubeard was born. Their number one priority is to become a manufacturer, supplier and re-seller that offers value for money, enabling South Africans to buy high quality items at a reasonable price.

Brand from: Pretoria

Product made in: China, as we cannot currently source South African made safety razors. RESTOCK are targeting to stock 100% South African made products by 2021.