Breast & Chest Massage Oil, 50ml

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Description: Contains powerful extracts of, in particular, Frankincense as well as the essential oils of Geranium, Grapefruit, Thyme and Chamomile.

This oil has a relaxing and uplifting, breath-opening effect, which you will instantly feel. Some people refer to it as the heart-opening oil. And being a Chest and Breast Massage Oil – it is not just for women. Our chests are where we hold the tension of anxiety – which often we are not even aware of. Regular massage of this area allows us to become more aware of this tension, release it and become light and open to the world again.


Frankincense essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory, anxiety-busting and mood-lifting qualities. It opens the breath and is effectively used for asthma. There is also a lot of research and excitement around Frankincense’s anti-cancer – or tumour-reducing – qualities. These in specific relate to Boswellic Acid, a compound of Frankincense found in the resin. Natural Yogi Chest and Breast Massage Oil includes not only the essential oil of Frankincense but also an infusion of the resin.

Grapefruit essential oil adds its lymphatic-stimulating qualities, stimulating the detoxifying effect of the lymph in our breast tissue and reducing water retention levels. Along with the Frankincense it has a notable uplifting effect on our mood.

Geranium oil adds its wonderful hormone-balancing, calming and beautifying qualities. This beautifully feminine oil is effectively used to soothe PMS and Menopausal symptoms, releasing also excess water retention. Along with Frankincense, it is famed for its skin healing and anti-ageing qualities. It encourages blood flow below the surface of the skin and has astringent and tonic effects, tightening the skin to reduce wrinkles and increasing muscle tone – all of this along with a wonderfully soothing and uplifting effect on our psyches.

Thyme and Chamomile essential oils 

Packaging: Glass bottle with aluminium lid

About the brand: Creator and yoga teacher Nadia Rosenthal started Natural Yogi after coming across studies linking the aluminium used in commercial deodorants to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. She went in search for an alternative and started a range of deodorants using only the most simple and natural ingredients – bicarbonate of soda and other natural oils, essential oils and waxes. Natural Yogi's beautiful range now also includes body balms and oils.

Brand from: Cape Town

Product made in: South Africa