Breakfast In Bed Bar, 95g

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Description: Vegan oatmeal solid body scrub

Soothing and calming for healing your skin. Breakfast In Bed helps to protect and repair skin cells, as well as, reduce itching and inflammation. The ground almonds provide a more gentle buffing to your skin.

Directions: Glide bottom layer across the area of choice on dry, clean skin to prep the skin. Next, flip the scrub bar and exfoliate. Always glide towards the centre of the body, towards the heart. Lastly, jump into the shower or bath and enjoy.

Ingredients: Unrefined organic cocoa butter, extra virgin organic coconut oil, soy wax, cocoa powder, ground rolled oats, ground cacao nibs, ground almonds, vanilla essential oil

Packaging: Cotton drawstring bag

In an effort to change the world of beauty brands, Plaiin are dedicated to finding solutions to plastic packaging. That's why they worked on creating a recipe that can be a hand-held, stand-alone product without the necessity of plastic.  That being said, we do need to protect these beautiful bars somehow, and so each solid body scrub comes packaged in an organic cotton draw string pouch with Plaiin's labelling printed onto them.  

About the brand: After 5 years in the making, Plaiin has finally become a reality for founder Megan. Inspired by the zero-waste movement, she worked on creating a fully plastic-free beauty brand. Every product is hand formulated with all-natural and vegan ingredients. Plaiin follows the philosophy of 'skin food' rather than 'skincare.'  If you can't eat it, your skin shouldn't either. Because all of the ingredients are food-grade, technically each scrub is edible! Plaiin are very proud that their brand is made as Zero-waste as possible. They strive to be plastic-free in all aspects of the process, down to the equipment they use.

Brand from: Cape Town (previously Durban)

Product made in: South Africa