Blade Packs (40 blades)

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Description: This pack caters for the person who is new to shaving with a safety razor, or someone who wants to experiment with the various types of blades to find the one best suited to their skin and razor. It contains 8 packs of blades (each with 5 blades). To Bundubeard founder Jaco, the blade is the singular most important component of a shave - it is therefore important to find the correct one. Use the same razor, shaving soap and routine when comparing blades; shaving in a cold bathroom differs to shaving in a steamed up one. Shaving before a shower is a world apart from shaving after a shower. Jaco has also found that some blades behave differently when left in a bowl of hot water prior to shave. Consistency is key when making comparisons.

The following are included; 5 x Feather blades, 5 x BIC blades, 5 x Dorco blades, 5 x Gilette Minora blades, 5 x Lion blades, 5 x Rockwell blades, and 5 each of the Supermax stainless and Platinum, making up 40 blades in total for just under R2 each.... about the same price of a singular cartridge razor blade! 

Packaging: Paper 

About the brand: Founder Jaco always had a fascination with classic shaving and loved the idea that he could save South Africans millions of rand and help the environment by changing their shaving habits - Bundubeard was born. Their number one priority is to become a manufacturer, supplier and re-seller that offers value for money, enabling South Africans to buy high quality items at a reasonable price.

Brand from: Pretoria

Product made in: Various countries; packaged in South Africa. RESTOCK is targeting 100% South African made products by 2021.