Calendula Baby Massage Oil, 50ml

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The benefits of baby massage are well known – touch being so important for an infant’s development. For a little one touch is communication, it is bonding, it is the discovery of the pleasure of exchange, of relationship. The ritual of baby massage offers us the opportunity to explore this consciously with our little one. It is also wonderfully soothing and calming to the nervous system, encouraging rest and digestion.

In a blend of sunflower oil (high linoleic), sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil, the Chamomile and Calendula Baby Massage Oil adds a touch of these herbs to be soothing not only to the skin but also the entire nervous system. Both Chamomile and Calendula have also been shown to soothe muscle spasms and cholic.

A lovely time to massage is after a bath. You can also add a few drops to bath water for extra skin-nourishment. For some helpful guidelines on baby massage see


Packaging: Glass bottle with aluminium lid

About the brand: Creator and yoga teacher Nadia Rosenthal started Natural Yogi after coming across studies linking the aluminium used in commercial deodorants to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. She went in search for an alternative and started a range of deodorants using only the most simple and natural ingredients – bicarbonate of soda and other natural oils, essential oils and waxes. Natural Yogi's beautiful range now also includes body balms and oils.

Brand from: Cape Town

Product made in: South Africa