Laundry Salts with Lavender & Grapefruit

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Description: An effective and gentle washing powder, safe for even the most sensitive skins. Fragranced with cleansing organic essential oils. Available in 1kg and 2kg bags, plastic free.

Like all The Apothecary’s household cleaning products, our Laundry Salts clean beautifully without harming you, your home or the environment. They are compatible with grey water systems, kind to septic tanks and help keep pipes and drains clear. They leave no harmful residues and emit no noxious fumes. They break down readily into benign, natural substances that are harmless to oceans and waterways.

Naturally occuring cleansing mineral salts and detoxifying clay are boosted with the power of pure oxygen. The delightful scent of lavender & grapefruit comes from cleansing, therapeutic pure essential oils, organically grown.

Tip: Pair this product with The Apothecary Oxygen Bleach to shift stubborn stains, brighten colours and whiten whites.

Directions: The salts are equally suited to hand and machine washing, and can be used in hot or cold cycles, although they do perform best in warm water. Use 1/4 to half a cup per load, depending on the size and degree of soiling.

Ingredients: Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate), Bentonite clay, Grapefruit essential oil (organic), Lavender augustifolia essential oil (organic), Salt (Sodium chloride, non-iodated), Soda ash (Sodium carbonate), Washing soda fortified with oxygen (Sodium percarbonate)

Packaging: Our Salts are thoughfully packaged by hand in brown paper and 100% compostable bioplastic inners made from corn waste, with plain paper labels containing full instructions, so that nothing goes to landfill.

About the brand: Years ago, Anne van Huyssteen started making her own natural care and cleaning products after struggling to find natural alternatives without harsh chemicals on the market. Today, she and her partner Nikki make The Apothecary products by hand in small batches in Observatory, Cape Town. Ingredients are naturally-occurring, minimally processed and organic, and packaging is either biodegradable or reusable glass and metal. 

Brand from: Observatory, Cape Town

Product made in: South Africa