Zero Waste

Zero Waste is why we started RESTOCK. We saw that the beauty industry is still full of single-use plastic, and wanted to change that. 

For us, zero waste means nothing going to landfill, and as little to recycling as possible.

At RESTOCK, we currently have 3 different models to reduce waste, depending on the product:

- Nude. This is the gold standard - products sold without any packaging.

- Biodegradable. Some of our products are biodegradable alternatives to plastic products (bamboo toothbrushes, sisal scrubs etc). Others use biodegradable plastic for refills. 

- Recyclable. Where our products are in packaging, this is usually glass, aluminium or paper / cardboard, all of which are more easily recycled than plastic. The only plastic we sell is reusable (e.g. bottle pumps) - and we are even working on removing that completely in future.