The products we sell are made either exclusively or predominantly with natural ingredients. Every single product is also either vegan or "beegan" (containing beeswax or honey) - and our website lets you filter for each.

Why does "natural" matter?

- Better for nature. Many chemicals in beauty products create problematic waste. One example is oxybenzone and octinoxate, which were widely used in sunscreen and some other cosmetics, but are now being banned in many parts of the world because they harm coral reefs. RESTOCK was created to help nature - and for us, "waste free" includes the products themselves.

- Better for you. Some synthetic ingredients in beauty products can have an adverse long-term impact on your body and health. We want to sell you products that are safe and free of side effects.

- Better full stop. Natural products with real essential oils look better, smell better and feel better. We're convinced that once you go natural, anything else will just seem a poor substitute. What could be more more luxurious than natural, pure, real ingredients?