Every single brand we stock is South African. In addition, nearly all our products are made in South Africa, with 3 exceptions - bamboo toothbrushes, reusable razors and recycled PET shorts. We are targeting 100% South African made products by 2021, and supporting our suppliers as they work to bring manufacturing to RSA.

Why does "local" matter?

- Carbon emissions. We don't think it makes sense to import "eco friendly" products halfway across the world, when shipping contributes 3% of global CO2 emissions.

- Welfare standards. Supply chains can be complex and opaque. Overseas products can be made under poor working conditions or even modern slavery - without the brand or retailer even being aware. For local products, RESTOCK can see firsthand how they are made. We are also working to shine a light on every product's supply chain, and encourage brands to use as many South African ingredients & materials as possible.

- Supporting the community. South Africa's economy is struggling and over half our population live on less than R1,000 a month. We want to help our country prosper by supporting small local businesses, and ensure the money you spend stays in South Africa. After all, #localislekker!