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Q&A with Natural Yogi

It feels like a long time ago now 😄 but last month I had a tea at @bluecafe_ with the lovely, laid back Nadia, who founded personal care brand Natural Yogi 3 years ago 🧘‍♀️ We discussed, among other topics, our favourite scents 🌷(there are 7 for her deodorants!), the challenge of balancing quality and affordability 💴, and deepening our knowledge of sustainability in general 🌱
Hi Nadia! So happy to meet again! Shall we start with how Natural Yogi came to be?
“It actually started with a breast cancer scare, and my subsequent search for an effective natural deodorant.
I was so impressed by the results of the recipe of what eventually became Natural Yogi deodorant that I decided the world had to have a share of it...
and so the deodorant came into being, and soon other products followed through my discovery of the incredible power of natural ingredients.
The other motivation behind Natural Yogi is to do my bit to give back to nature.... The unconscious proliferation of plastic that is at the heart of our current consumerist/convenience society has always bothered me.
Natural Yogi offered me the opportunity to pioneer change by finding no-waste solutions to packaging, and inspiring others to live a more minimalist lifestyle - the beauty of living simply, in harmony with the environment…”
And what have been the highlights over the years?
“The fact that others sense and are drawn to the energy, values and intentions on which Natural Yogi is based.
The enthusiastic feedback we get is what motivates me to keep going. That and the fact that we are helping others find a natural, waste free alternative”


Can you tell us what inspired the name, Natural Yogi?
“I grew up in the countryside, and it was when I moved to the city at age 13 that I started yoga.
I am now a yoga teacher – yoga has always been my way of staying connected to a more simple, natural
When we come into that experience of true connectedness with nature, we can see it as an
extension of ourselves”
And what inspired the imagery?
“The image of a somebody meditating under a tree was a vision I had.
I drew it myself and had an illustrator help me finalise it”
That’s really beautiful…and can you tell us more about your ingredients?
“We aim in the long run to use local ingredients as far as possible - especially those that form the
bulk of the products.
Low environmental impact is a key factor.
Essential oils, which are highly concentrated extracts of flowers and plants, are used sparingly, and often more for their healing values than for scent.
Natural Yogi chooses a certain percentage of the ingredients from certified organic sources - especially those ingredients that are most likely to absorb chemicals.”
And what have been some of the biggest challenges?
“I don’t seek to be an exclusive brand - the aim is for Natural Yogi to be as accessible to as many
people as possible. Our challenge is being easily affordable when natural ingredients are expensive
and limited in supply.
So there’s a balance and trade off...”

What’s your favourite Natural Yogi deodorant scent?
“Hmmm…. Musky Citrus! It is the fragrance of a strong, spicy woman 😉.”
Interesting! My favourite is definitely Camilyang…. with Julip a close second…
“Funnily enough, I can often predict what someone’s favourite scent is going to be… speaking of which, I’m excited to bring out a new range of 3 face products soon with a pink theme, that you would love Emily”
[side note – for those of you who remember, RESTOCK’s branding used to be pink, and half my own clothes are pink too…] 💖
I can’t wait to see it! Where does the pink come from?
“Hibiscus, red berries, geranium… you’ll hear more about it soon!”
Can’t wait! Finally, we’d love to know more about your hopes & dreams for the next few years…
“From a professional perspective, we are bringing out the face products I mentioned… I’m really
looking forward to that.
From a more personal perspective… I want to take more time this year to deepen my understanding
of sustainability. I currently try to live a minimalist lifestyle and have cut out plastic as far as possible
for the last few years. My aim is to compost as much waste as I can. But I want to spend some
time learning more about recycling processes, composting, and the circular economy in depth. I’m
looking forward to it!”


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