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Q&A with Gudco

Today we spoke to Ruan Coetzee, founder of @gudco.co.za who make sugar cane 🌱 toilet paper 🧻 in SA and give back at the same time🇿🇦
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Hi Ruan, let’s get started! Tell us a bit about how you ended up founding a sustainable toilet paper company?
“Sure! It started when I become aware that thousands of school children in South Africa, especially in the Eastern Cape don't have access to toilets, or even toilet paper. I decided to register Güdco in 2015 - with the aim of selling toilet paper to generate funds to help build toilets.
2 years of R&D later, we established the Güd Foundation and started selling Güdsheet the same year.
For every roll of Güdsheet sold, we donate a portion of the proceeds to help build toilets for underprivileged schools and crèches in need.
Why toilets & Toilet paper? Because it provides dignity, health and an improved quality of life.”
And what has been your biggest high and low over the past 4 years?
“My biggest low was having to visit 30 different suppliers across SA and feeling like I was just going in circles. It started to feel like a big waste of time and money. But I learned so much along the way, and ended up actually going with the first supplier I met!
Biggest highs? Seeing our final product for the first time, and making our first big sale”
How does sustainability impact your day to day life?
“I try my best to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as I can. It’s not an easy journey, but I will continue promoting sustainable, ethical consumerism for good.”
Of course! And any new products we can look forward to soon?
“Yes siree! They’re still top secret but we can’t wait to share them with you 😁”
Any other hopes & dreams for 2020 and beyond?
“I hope to have a year filled with happiness, peace, and prosperity. I also hope to see our beautiful country flourish and to provide the dignity of a toilet for all in the future.” 


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